Witch One is about a magical ritual, where a group of nocive sorceresses gathers to play a game of catch with each other. After some point, this ritual will summon the Grand Crystal which is used to bring peace to this world and allow the victorious sorceress to become a master sorceress!

Storytelling method

Witch One does not have a story mode or a campaign, as it is a multiplayer-only competitive game. Instead, it will heavily rely on environmental storytelling such as ones seen in Bethesda’s popular open-world RPG series The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

The environment will be structured in such a way where it will show the world that the players are playing in and tell personal stories that relate to the overarching theme of catching or being caught.

Methods can include placing a dead body inside a house with blood splattered all over the place, which would give an ominous vibe to the player, making them think “what happened here?” However, the game should avoid placing long letters in the game as those can distract the player from the main game.

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