Release Strategy and Platform

Target Platform Specs

We expect Witch One to be a cross-platform multiplayer game that anyone can play anywhere. So the base system requirement will be kept at a minimum.

However, for development purposes, we will use the browser version on a PC as the reference platform.

The minimal target specs will be similar to those of the iPhone 8. The minimal hardware specs will be like the following:

  • RAM: 2GB

  • Screen resolution: 1920x1080px

  • CPU clock rate: 1.5 GHz

  • Game size: less than 2GB

The game scene and assets will be based on a 1024x800px screen with a unit size of 32px. Therefore, every visual asset should be treated as if the screen is 1024x800 big.

The size of the throwable objects should be 16 pixels at max. It should have realistic proportions to the character size.

Platform Release Strategy

The main strategy for Witch One is to make the game accessible as possible. Enjoyable with your kids and friends.

Witch One will be first released for PC (Windows and macOS) browsers. Therefore, the controls and interface will be focused on PC players with minimum specs. The browser version will be the playable preview version of the final game. But this version will still contain the full game mechanics with limited maps and game modes.

The full version of the game will start production as soon as we confirm that the playable demo version is robust and fun. This version will continue from the browser version, but with more map and game modes. The full version will be released to Steam (native desktop), and major consoles at the time of the development of the project.

Once the project has gathered more than 400 concurrent players and 500 active community members (throughout all channels), we will start developing the mobile version. The mobile platform release will start with the Android version of Google Playstore. Next will be for iOS devices on Apple Store. Furthermore, the mobile version will be similar to the browser version, in that, it is free to play with limited maps and game modes, but players can pay to unlock the full version.

Between every platforms, we want Witch One to be reasonably playable with each other, given that the platform allows it. This includes the limited browser version. Meaning that, players can play with people who paid for the full version, though they can only do that with the common denominator map and mode.

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