Release Platform

Target Platform Specs

This project is expected to be released on console platforms and mobile devices. Due to cheating concerns, PC will only be supported through browsers (WebGL). However, we will have to discuss the feasibility of this as browsers do not provide a lot of hardware resources for the game.
For development purposes, the target platform specs will focus on mobile systems. Once the PC release has been made, the team will slowly port the project onto other platforms.
The minimal target specs will be similar to those of iPhone 8. The minimal hardware specs will be like the following:
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Screen resolution: 1920x1080px
  • CPU clock rate: 1.5 GHz
  • Game size: less than 4GB
The game scene and assets will be based on 640x480px screen with a unit size of 32px. Therefore, every visual asset should be treated as if the screen is 640x480 big.
The size of the throwable objects should be 16 pixels at max. It should have realistic proportions in relation to the character size.

Platform Release Strategy

Witch One will be first released for PC (Windows and macOS) browsers, therefore the controls and interface will be focused on PC players with minimum specs. The browser version will be the vertical slice of the project. This vertical slice will be used for marketing and attracting interest to form a community.
Once the project has gathered more than 400 concurrent players and 500 community members (through Discord or the team subreddit), we will aim for a Steam release alongside the preparation for a mobile version.
The mobile platform release will start with the Android version for Google Playstore. Next will be for iOS devices on Apple Store.
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Target Platform Specs
Platform Release Strategy