Game Controls

Game Controls

The game will have three major control schemes:

1 - Mobile

2 - PC

3 - Console

Mobile Controls

Mobile controls will be displayed with the HUD on screen. The Player’s movement mode (changing from run to walk) is determined by the distance of the left virtual joystick. If the joystick is pulled all the way, the player will run.

Control input map:

  • Player movement/speed => Left virtual joystick (run when pulled)

  • Aim/look => Right virtual joystick

  • Drag on player => Throw object to the location

  • Virtual on-screen button => Attack button

  • Virtual on-screen button => Crawl button (toggle)

The virtual joysticks should disappear when the player is not touching the screen. The joysticks should reappear wherever the player should touch (touching anywhere on the left half of the screen will create a left joystick under the player’s finger and vice versa). The left joystick must have sufficient width space so that to prevent players from accidentaly slighty moving their fingers and then making their characters run.

Throwing objects on mobile is done by touching the player on the game screen and dragging your finger to the location where you want to throw the object. The object will be thrown when you let go.

The mobile control should be adjustable in the game settings.

PC Controls

PC controls will use the keyboard and mouse as a method of controlling the player. One limitation with this is that the player's movement speed will be binary and cannot slow down. So the movement mode can only be changed via the left CTRL key and the Shift key.

Control input map:

  • Player movement (walk by default) => WASD

  • Run => left Shift

  • Crawl => hold left CTRL

  • Aim mode => hold right mouse button

  • Throw object => release right mouse button

  • Melee attack => left mouse button

  • Open menu => ESC

Console Controls

Console controls will be referencing the Xbox controller button scheme, but it should support most controllers with dual joysticks.

Control input map:

  • Player movement (speed) => left joystick

  • Crawl => left joystick button or A button

  • Aim (look) => right joystick

  • Throw object mode => hold left trigger

  • Throw object => release left trigger

  • Melee attack => right trigger

  • Open menu => start button

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